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You Are Not Alone...

Depression, OCD,

& Anxiety 

Anesthetic infusion has radically changed the paradigm of treatment for severe depression, postpartum depression, severe anxiety, OCD, and other mental health conditions. Traditional antidepressant medications have helped many people but, for a substantial number of patients, they do not work fast enough or are just no longer helpful. The symptoms of these syndromes can be debilitating and life-changing. Here at Serenity Health, we understand the need for relief and offer hope to those where traditional therapies & medications may no longer be helping.

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lift the fog of depression

How IV Anesthetic Infusion Relieves Depression/OCD/Anxiety?

Scientific research suggests that by blocking the NMDA receptors, the infusion prompts the brain to increase the production of synaptic signaling proteins in the prefrontal cortex which plays a critical role in regulating our moods. These infusions pears to promote the growth of these new synapses, resulting in greater connectivity in the brain. This cascade of events is thought to be the reason for the rapid anti-depressant effects. It also helps to build new neural pathways and heal the areas that have been damaged by depressive syndromes over time. This works by helping to “reboot” the brain with the increased connectivity between neurons. This helps to break the cycle of negative thought processes and patterns that one may have gotten accustomed to over the years due to depression. After infusions, patients can leave feeling hopeful and may be able to think more clearly where they can engage in new life experiences that support change and healthy behavior patterns.


Please refer to our FAQ Page for more information on Anesthetic Infusions HERE.

It is important to note that researchers are still exploring all of the ways that Anesthetic infusions still impact the brain and mood and are working hard to understand why it's effects can happen so rapidly & effectively.

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