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Mission Statement:

Serenity Health’s purpose is to instill hope in every client while providing safe, effective, compassionate and individualized alternative treatments. We hold the utmost respect, and care for the clients we serve. We serve a variety of clients whom may be struggling with Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD), PTSD, OCD, Severe Anxiety, Fibromyalgia, CRPS, Refractory Migraines and Chronic pain syndromes.


We will develop a custom treatment plan that will meet the needs of each client we treat.

Vision Statement:


Serenity Health will implement effectual treatment programs that improve the quality of life for our clients, and their families while setting the standard of care for Wellness Centers across the region.

Values & Compassion:


We will meet the client where they are, and walk with them in their journey free from judgment, or prejudice. We will aid them in their healing process through compassionate care.



We hold our practice to high standards, and follow strict quality control while having the client’s best interest as priority.

Romantic Walk in Sunset





We will treat each client, and their family with dignity & respect.

We will treat each coworker with dignity, and respect. Teamwork plays a vital role in our quality of care, but also for the care of our staff. We are a team, working together for the best outcome for our clients, and ourselves. Together, we change lives, and help support each other.

Teamwork & Collaboration:

We combine the expertise, knowledge, and experience of each team member to deliver quality care to our clients. Working together creates an effective treatment plan for our clients, which then results in better outcomes.


We customize each treatment plan for every client. We continue to strive to improve our results, and extend our treatment protocols.  


We provide exceptional care, and service through our specialized team that is dedicated to our mission here at Serenity Health.

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