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Know What To Look For In A Ketamine Infusion Provider

Remember our advice in the video for searching for a Ketamine Infusion provider...C.O.M.E IN!

C is for Clean. Pay attention to the office space, and environment. Make sure it is clean, calming, and peaceful for the best infusion experience.

O is for Openness. You need to know exactly what medications you are receiving, and at what dosages. Know upfront what is your protocol of treatment.

M is for Monitoring. Make sure they are monitoring your O2 levels, blood pressure, and EKG.

E is for Emergency Preparedness. Do they have an emergency plan, and equipment ready?

IN is for Interdisciplinary Communication. Communication with all providers for the best patient care. Make sure all records are forwarded to your primary care provider, and mental health providers for open communication of care , and patient safety.

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