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- Expertise: We combine compassionate care with the Expertise of Mental Health professionals along with the skill set of Medical Practitioners & Anesthesia for safe dosing and safe delivery of infusions to assist with treatment resistant syndromes related to depression while offering other services such as FDA approved nasal spray, counseling & medication management services.

- Consultation: Everyone receives a full exam with a board-certified medical provider: reviewing health history, labs within the past 6 months (drawn per your health care provider or ordered by ours). You will also receive a thorough medication review and explanation of how our treatment programs work. Initial consultations and follow up appointments are covered by most insurance plans including: Anthem, Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare, Humana, Wellcare, Caresource, Medicare, Passport, and Medicaid. We are also a proud Community Care Provider of the VA and offer a 20% discount on services to our Veterans and those who work to protect our communities and serve in our hospitals and healthcare systems! 

- Setting: Located in the Heart of St. Matthews in Louisville Kentucky: we offer a great central Location, near hospitals, shopping, restaurants and hotels (especially helpful for out of state or long-distance travelers). Our Office is in a spa-like environment and provides a safe, calming and relaxing environment.

- Treatment Days: Treatment rooms are PRIVATE. One family member is allowed to sit with you during your treatment day. We strive to make our practice patient & family centered. Chairs recline and are comfortable. Clients are encouraged to bring their comfort items from home: eye mask, favorite blanket & pillow, ear plugs or ear buds & favorite music (music is provided in every room).  Rooms will be dimmed during the treatment process to allow for relaxation.

- Safety and Monitoring: During treatment sessions, you are continuously monitored on an EKG (heart monitor) along with vital signs (including blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation). After the treatment- your vital signs are still monitored for a period of time before you are sent home. Throughout the treatment- we do screenings and track your progress- to ensure you are benefiting from the treatments. Serenity staff are all board certified in their respective fields who have ACLS and BLS certifications.

- Payment: We offer different financing options for those who need assistance and for those services that are not covered by insurance. We have a Patient advocate who is on site to assist with filling out papers for insurance reimbursement. At this time, insurance does NOT pay for INFUSIONS for mental health- but some have been able to submit claims (superbills) & get portions covered. Our goal at Serenity Health, is to help you in any way that we can & we will be happy to provide these superbills for you- free of charge. 

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